Palm Bay Amateur Radio Club
Palm Bay, Florida         K4DCS
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PBARC was formed in 2018 by local hams in the Palm Bay area.  Our expertise includes various technical areas, emergency preparations, contests and all kinds of other activities.

We meet the first Saturday of each month at the Degroodt Library located behind the Palm Bay City Hall from 9 to 11am. 
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The Palm Bay Amateur Radio Club (PBARC), includes amateur radio operators in the area in and around Palm Bay, Florida.  We welcome all amateurs and enjoy a wide range of amateur radio activities.  These include technical subjects, emergency activities, field day exercises and a host of other interests.  Membership is open to all interested amateurs.  We own and operate two repeaters:  a UHF repeater in Melbourne and a VHF repeater in the southern part of Palm Bay.

The club meets the first Saturday of each month at 9AM at the Degroodt library located behind the Palm Bay Police Department in one of the conference rooms.

This site is still under construction, please excuse our appearance.

Field Day 2016